Unisex Baby Gifts - Our Top 10

This is our top 10 list of brilliant unisex baby gifts that parents and babies will enjoy. A lot of our own products came from a real 'what is missing out there' moment so we have included a couple of our own products but we've also tried to be unbiased and included some other fab products that we think any new mum would be thrilled to receive.  

Well we would say this wouldn't we? But actually there is a good reason we designed a set of milestone cards. My mother, who has sadly passed away, had a baby memory book, kind of like this one, for my sister and I. We both cherish the memories she's recorded but they are a bit brief and factual due to the format of these kinds of books. The modern equivalent we think are Baby Milestone Cards. You get to take a fun photo with your little one to share with family and friends or on social media, and you get to write a longer memory on the back if you choose and save it in the keepsake box.  

It's a great gift for new mums because it is a little reminder to stop and enjoy the moments in the middle of the sometimes rather frazzled reality of motherhood.

  If you like a book format you could always add a scrapbook like this one to your gift so the new Mum could put the photos with the milestone cards on one side and paste the card - memory side up! - on the other. But for most the keepsake box will be pretty convenient place to keep them.

I was given this book by a friend when I had my first baby. I thought it was a bit random at first but I started reading it to my very young baby and he loved it! He was kicking his legs and arms all over and really seemed to be engaging with the pictures (they are colourful images on a white background so probably give that visual contrast that babies love). There is a nice flow to the text that makes it very readable too. I've given it as a new baby present to friends since then many a time and I can definitely recommend it.

3. Baby Sling

Well for a company who's slogan is 'Lets make our kids feel cuddled' you didn't think we were going to leave out a bit of kit like this did you? I live in Scotland so I got a grey sling free in the Baby Box. If I lived somewhere else and didn't get one for free I would have hoped for someone to gift me one like this - the patterns are a bit of something different - as lovely as plain grey is, it is everywhere!

I found my sling super useful for nap times when my second little boy was small. It let me spend time reading with my oldest while still knowing my newborn felt safe and secure in my 'arms'. It's not the sort of thing you frequently see gifted so fingers crossed if you go for this you'll be remembered for your thoughtful and practical gift!

This is another one of our products, but again we make it because we think it is super useful for mums. Especially ours (she says humbly), as you can wipe it clean and like the Boba Slings above, it comes in some fun prints and colours.

This is one of those gifts that a new mum might not realise how useful it will be until baby is actually here. You may love the look of that real oak changing table in the fancy baby store, but getting upstairs fast enough to change your bundle of joy's 'poo-namy' isn't always practical. New mums will soon thank you for making their life a little more organised!

These little zip up swaddles are great for newborns. Both my boys loved them. We bought a set that was grey and white and used them for both boys. Also I've found this similar one from Woombie and I love the pattern. Swaddle blankets are great, but when you are up at 3am who really wants to be doing complicated wrapping techniques? These zip up ones are much easier and seem to give them that lovely contained feeling, which is important when being out in the world must feel so strange to them. Also not one you see gifted often but definitely super useful!

6. Baby Blanket

Okay this one is definitely not the most original choice for a baby gift - but a classic is a classic. And you can still impress by going for something stylish that the parents will actually like having around instead of something in candy floss pink or the palest of blues.

We like this grey clouds blanket from Kindsgut because of its thick weave and classic pattern. Or for a bit of fun and colour go for this brighter option.

Okay so this one is the trend of the moment - a backpack with special compartments that make it suitable as a nappy bag. We think you need to know the Mum you are giving it to pretty well for this one as there are lots of styles to choose from.

Grey of course is the classic and probably the safest option if you aren't sure about what style the mum to be would go for. These days grey is the new black as they say. But we also found this very different one which for the right mum we think could be perfect!

Just like the backpack this gift is more for Mum or Dad than baby, but a happy Mum is a happy baby.

These Chilly's Bottles keep your coffee warm for up to 12 hours - which should keep Mums happy who otherwise have to contend with multiple cups of coffee being left to go cold as they tend to baby. This is a super thoughtful gift for a new parent and one you won't find in the baby aisle of a shop.

Okay so we are venturing into Grandparent, sister, best friend territory here. As in, don't attempt to buy this gift for someone unless that is how close you are too them and you really know the sort of thing they like. This fox one isn't by us, but obviously the choice of animal might be part of the reason we like it!

There is just so much choice out there for play mats and such a range of prices. But these are two unisex options we found that we think lots of new parents would be super pleased to receive. This second one from Battat is super comfy with the quilted mat.  

This last one is another one for a close family member or bestie to gift. You definitely need to know the parents-to-be's home decor tastes but what you don't need to know is whether they think they will need a rocking chair or not - they will.

The SoBuy one above with the footrest is the one we have and it's saved many a back muscle when all baby wanted was cuddles and motion. If I was doing it again I might go for a second one in the living room for downstairs soothing - something more stylish that guests might actually use as well.

Kristen, Director, Nested Fox Ltd

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