Nursery Throw Cushions

Our unisex nursery throw cushions are super soft and can grow with your child being equally suited to older children's rooms.  Each pattern comes in a range of colour options so you can bring your decorating vision to life.  Many patterns have matching wall art items.  If you don't see matching wall art for your chosen pattern get in touch and we may be able to design something for you!  Please note cushions are made to order so can take 7-10 days to arrive.


  • Our Nursery Throw Cushions are home decor items and are not meant for your baby to sleep on. 
  • The NHS recommends that for safe sleep babies under 1 year old should not sleep with duvets or pillows.  Many experts extend this recommendation to babies and toddlers under 2 years old.   
  • Our Nursery Throw Cushions should not be kept inside a cot or moses basket while your baby is sleeping.