Baby Gifts

The gifts we give to families when babies arrive or to mark the special occasions as they grow are an important way to show how much we care. We want to provide unique and thoughtful gift options that feel as good to give as they do to receive.  

Nursery Decor

Home is so important to babies and kids, and their rooms should be their own little sanctuary. A place to feel safe and special and a place to spark little imaginations. Our nursery decor range is all about adding those little touches that mean so much.  

Purposefully Gender Neutral

Amazingly even today little girls and boys are pigeon holed into gendered boxes very early in life. We want to provide options for families that let babies be babies and let kids be kids for as long as possible.

We use calming yet fun colours and designs that we feel are equally suited to boys and girls. We don't use baby pink or baby blue, but even if we had we don't believe there is anything that should ever be deemed unsuitable based on gender! That is why you will never find a 'girl's' or 'boy's' section on our website!

Nested Fox was started by a Mum of two. Our products are lovingly designed to be gender neutral & to give you and your family the warm fuzzies. We want to be a small part of all those little moments of caring for your child that make them feel loved, cherished and oh so taken care of. Because that is what parenting is all about.

Our products are carefully developed with attention to detail and style. We favour unisex designs and durable materials.

"It's a big wild world out there! Let's make our kids feel cuddled!"


Office Address & Press Enquiries:

Nested Fox Ltd, 100 Pilrig Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5AY. 011 44 7852957782.  

Company Reg No SC585502

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